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Elopement Shoot


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Elopement Shoot

Would you dare to take the leap?! Perhaps the idea of an elopement has already caught you and your partner’s attention. An elopement is, in contrary to the more traditional beliefs, actually a great way to celebrate and officiate the overflowing love you have for your soon-to-be spouse, without having to maybe deal with all the fuss that comes with planning a big wedding. If you would ask us, we would definitely say yes to this idea! Especially during the times that we live in today, an elopement is a super intimate and romantic way to say your “I do’s”. Though elopements are often arranged abroad, this shoot right here is to show you that it doesn’t have to be that way! All this beauty, right here in our backyard. So, we can’t wait to show you all the details from this awesome elopement shoot Jamie de Leeuw captured in collaboration with Green Weddings, and maybe inspire you to take the plunge!

We, of course, also wanted to say a few words about the beautiful combination of rings that are worn during this elopement shoot. The bride rocked our ring with marquise rutile quarts and dots, our rough diamond ring and a thin hammered stacking ring to top it all off. The more rings the better right?! This ring party matched perfectly with the overall look and feel of this more edgy elopement. Tourmaline quartz is such a beautiful gemstone, and it is because of its uniqueness that we love to incorporate it into our rings. And this rough diamond (insert heart eyes emoji here) – well its name says it all, makes this ring look more rough, not ‘perfect’ (define perfect though) and one of a kind. Exactly how we like it!

And then, the wedding rings! Because this entire elopement shoot (from the Bride and Groom to the location where these beautiful pictures were taken) screamed ‘edgy, rough, earthy, and one of a kind’ to us, we felt like this particular wedding band set would perfectly match that feeling. We don’t know about you, but we LOVE how it all came together. Take a look at our wedding rings page here or at our wedding band sets inspiration page here for a close up of all our wedding rings and sets.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this elopement shoot. Is an elopement something you would consider for you and your loved one? Let us know in the comment section down below!

This elopement shoot was organised by all of the following suppliers, and featured by Girls of Honour:

Photography: Jamie de Leeuw Photography
Event styling: Green Weddings
Car: Zoë
Dress: Spinning Closet
Jewelry: Bobini Roots
Models: Ruby & Daan