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about bobini

the world's magic
is right in front
of our eyes.

bobini roots is inspired by our roots; our magical planet, her nature - and the nature that is us. the ancient wisdom that we carry with. the universe that we are all part of – each of us with our own role to play. to keep the delicate balance. to grow and evolve. 

we create quality jewelry with carefully sourced materials, gemstones and diamonds – wonders provided to us by nature over an immense amount of time. by doing so, we hope to encourage you to pause a second to feel connected to our roots, each time you glance down at your unique piece of handcrafted jewelry - and to remember (y)our story and feel guided in the paths that you are still about to wander & the chapters that are still unravelling.

we are a small local jewelry label that uses ancient old techniques and Earth's wonders to create durable jewelry that reminds us of our roots - and that help you feel that magic
that is all around, and within.

each piece of jewelry that originates in our atelier, is made with just our two hands and lots of care & dedication. we work from the creative hub Plan-B in Eindhoven, and create each piece from scratch.
Nicole went from a solo-preneur to working with her little team of three since 2022/2023. and lastly, there is Hubbes, the office dog - keeping the girls company and providing support along the way.

let it be, a reminder of our roots.
to work with materials, created by nature.
that exsist only because so many elements,
were just right for it to form.
to craft these with my own two hands into something new.

let it be, a reminder of where it all began.
to the balance of nature, the water, air, trees and soils.
to the sunshine and the night sky,
to the universe, that always was and always will be.
the world’s magic is right in front of our eyes.

Nicole had her first date with metal and a jewelers saw on a evening in 2016. they matched, and she became hooked since that first evening. like every other love story, it was hard work, but love always wins. Nicole is an auto-dedact jeweler and still learning each and every day.

after living abroad for her studies in three countries over three years, and an inspiration trip to Istanbul, the seed of a now deeply rooted feeling and vision found its way into Nicole's being. besides her webshop in beaded jewelry, Nicole wanted to learn to create something out of ‘nothing’.
she wanted her jewelry to carry a story and take the creation of all pieces back to the roots; not just the roots of craftmanship but also the roots of the world, this magical place that we may call our home. bobini roots was born and another adventure took off.

with an obsession for everything jewelry as long as she could remember, Nicole her first weekend job at 14 years old was at a cute, little and very colorful gift shop, with.. a beads corner. feeling the passion rising with one bead at a time, it became clearer and clearer. 'one day, I will have my own jewelry label', is what she decided on a saturday afternoon.
after her study International Business and Languages, she took her hobby to the next level and started her company 'bobini' in 2013, making beaded jewelry for her webshop and giving many workshops in making bracelets to share her passion with others.

one bead at a time

back to the roots

back to that little girl once more.. if Nicole was not creeping into her (or frankly, any) jewelry box, she was looking after one of her many pets or found her way into the forest. if you'd ask her what she would do in the future, she'd respond with "saving animals". to combine her two greatest childhood passions, over the years Nicole donated the profit of some collections to causes that take care of animals in need.

in 2021, she planted the first seed of her own initiative, the root to rise foundation, that will hopefully, within the coming years, grow out into a non-profit that will bring something good into the world & speak for the creatures that are  not heard. you can read more on this foundation below.

root to rise foundation

the root to rise foundation is still growing it's roots, but it's seeds were planted & nurtured with the vision to support non-profits that aim to improve the health and wealth of animals and their natural habitats. with each purchase of an item of the root to rise collection, €10 is donated to the root to rise foundation. the proceeds are deployed to support a several non-profits and eventually for the endeavours of the foundation itself - which we will update on accordingly.

the root to rise foundation

take me to the collection

this collection is home to jewelry designed with the sole purpose to connect
with all that was, all that is, and all that will be.
each piece is created to keep close, close as a tiny talisman that always
and everywhere, connects you to your roots, our roots
– and helps us to feel that magic that is all around, and within.

behind the bench