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The foundation

Let's take a peek into the goldsmith atelier - how is your jewelry made?

The jeweler's bench

What to think of when looking for the perfect engagament ring?

About to propose?

Learn all about the different materials that we work with here.


Did you know we can recycle gold to create new jewelry pieces?

Old gold, relived

How to measure the right size for your custom made ring? Learn it here!

Measure my size

how can we be of service to you?

If our atelier capacity allows it, we do work with personal gold, or gold recycling.  Some of our designs can be made with your own, old gold that you have laying around or pieces that you have inherited and that are of emontional value to you. When we have evaluated the 585 or 750 gold on it's characteristics, we can melt it down and cast it into a new piece of workable gold that we will then transfor to a wearable piece of wire or sheet, using the rolling mill amongst other tools. Feel free to contact us for more information and availablity.

Recycle your gold

old gold, relived

Some of our designs are made or can be made in 925. silver. Silver is a metal which requires little to no care when worn regularly. However, if the jewelry hasn’t been worn for a longer period of time, the material will oxidize and gets its famous dark layer. If you want to bring the material back to it’s original bright state, you can polish your piece of jewelry with our cleaning cloth or home polish kit. If you don’t wear your jewelry for a longer period of time, store your jewelry in an air tight box.


37.5% pure gold, 62.5% other materials such as silver and copper

Is officially not to be labeled as gold but is a very beautiful alternative for the pricier 14k gold pieces – especially the heavier ones. It lasts a lifetime, just as 14k gold, but may need to be cleaned with a polishing cloth every now and then to keep it’s original tone and shine. Only available in a yellow tone.

9k Gold

58.5% pure gold, 41.5% other materials such as silver and copper

Is officially to be called gold, does not tarnish and our 14k pieces can be made in two tones of yellow gold, white- and rose gold. 14k gold is the hardest alloy of all karat options. Lasts a lifetime, perfect to pass on to next generations.
FYI: 18 karat can also be requested for most of our designs.

14k Yellow, Warm Yellow, Palladium White and Rose Gold

about the 
materials we use

14k jewelry

9k jewelry

silver jewelry

€3.50 (with shipping)

Order your ring size guide (EN) here, or sign up for our Treasure Letter and get it for free!

Ringsize Guide

how to
measure your ringsize

Since ring measurements vary from all over the world, we have made you a clear ring size conversion chart so you can easily compare your own ring size to the Dutch ring sizes we use in our webshop. 

However, if you are not sure of your ring size at all, feel free to order our ring sizer so you can easily measure your ring size at home. 

  • Try to measure on different times of the day - and with hands that are at room temperature. 
  • Ring sizes are different for both hands.
  • For rings that have a (bigger) stone incorporated: preferably order a size that is a tiny bit smaller instead of bigger as the ring may otherwise start moving around your finger.
  • The wider the ringband, the more tight it shall feel around your finger. So in this case, preferably order a ring size that is a tiny bit bigger instead of smaller!

When in doubt; please visit our atelier (Short Consult) before ordering your piece of jewelry.

We always recommend our clients to write down their ringsizes in our ringside guide. So if your partner owns one, you might want to check that one first ;)

The ringsizes of each hand may very likely differ, so keep that in mind on your quest to the perfect ringsize. In most cases, the dominant hand, is slightly bigger (around 1/4 to 1/2 of a size) - unfortunately, this is not a given fact.

..but wait! How to measure the ringsize of a loved one?

The best way to measure a ringsize is to use a caliper and measure the INSIDE of the ring that fits well, from the left to the right side. Make sure the ring is round and worn on the hand that the ring you are gifting, will be worn at.

In case you don't have a caliper, you can use a ruler, but please be aware this is a very precise task. Even half a millimeter could make a difference in size. Again, you want to measure the INSIDE of the ring. You read the amount of millimeters from the left inside of the ring, to the right. FYI: this amount of millimeters is the size the we work with in our webshop (the Dutch ringsize). So if you measure 17 mm, you can order size 17.

As for an engagement ring:

Most engagement rings are worn on the left hand. However, many choose to (also) wear the wedding ring on the left hand, as "the ancient believed that the fourth finger of the left hand had a vein that ran directly to the heart and so chose to wear the ring as a symbol of love on this finger."

When the engagement and wedding ring are not to be worn together, we would recommend to measure the right ringfinger for the engagement ring. This way, the size of the engagement ring does not have to be changed later on.

Luckily, we design many engagement & wedding rings that can be perfectly combined on one finger, and thus can both be worn on the left hand.

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