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bobini roots


Ready to Ship – Nightsky Charms in 9k Gold


Nightsky talisman charms. Each charm is handcrafted, and thus always unique and one of a kind. The ready to ship moons have the following measurements:

  1. 7.5 mm
  2. 6.3 mm
  3. 7.4 mm
  4.  7.4 mm

The charms are quite heavy, so it’s very important to choose a heavier necklace with firm closure to wear it with. The following ones of our collection, with a minimum of 1.3 mm width or more, would be suitable:
flat chain necklace
oval chain necklace
facet chain necklace

You can read more about the material of this piece of jewelry here

Terms and Conditions
You can read more about the production time, shipment and other terms & conditions, here

Extra informatie

From left to right

1. 7.5 mm, 2. 6.3 mm (right/top), 3. 7.4 mm, 4. 7.4 mm (right bottom)


9k Gold