bobini roots


bobini roots


Intention Amulet Small – 9k &14k Gold or silver


€10 of each sale of  the root to rise collection is saved for a good cause, protecting animals & nature around the world. You can find more information here.

Intention Amulet with an initial to your choice. This amulet is the daily reminder to your deeply rooted intention. With each and every glance at it, you will be reminded to match it’s frequency and thus that of your intention – which helps you to attract it from a place of deep trust.

Each charm is handcrafted, and thus always unique and one of a kind. The size of the amulet is about 9.75 mm. An extra ring is added to attach it to your necklace. This jewelry piece is made out of 9 karat or 14 karat gold – and can also be made in silver. 

We would recommend  to wear the 1.7 mm Facet Chain Necklace with this amulet. You can order this necklace seperately through the link. The charms are quite heavy, so it’s very important to choose a heavier necklace with firm closure to wear it with. 

You can read more about the material of this piece of jewelry here

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Each piece of jewelry is handmade and can therefore slightly differ from the product photos. 

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9k Gold, 14k Gold, Silver