bobini roots


bobini roots


Birthstone Triple Dot Earring – 14k Gold


14k gold earring with a 2.5 mm (birth)stone set in a bezel with three tiny dots attached to it. You can choose one earring, or one pair.


  • January –  garnet
  • February – amethyst
  • March – aquamarine
  • April – diamond or moissanite
  • May – emerald
  • June – alexandrite
  • July – ruby
  • August – peridot
  • September – sapphire
  • October – tourmaline
  • November – citrine
  • December – tanzanite

Are you interested in learning more about this gemstone and what it stands for? Learn more on this page!

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Each piece of jewelry is handmade with unique, natural gemstones and can therefore slightly differ from the product photos. 

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Januari – Garnet (deep red), Februari – Amethyst (purple), March – Aquamarine (light blue), April – Diamond, April – Moissanite, May – Emerald (green), June – Alexandarite (Synthetic, purple & green combo), July – Ruby (red/pink), August – Peridot (light green), September – Sapphire (dark blue), October – Tourmaline (green), November – Citrine (mustard), December – Tanzanite (Synthetic – blue/purple)