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bobini roots


Bow Bar Earring Triple Moissanite – 14k Gold


14k gold earring with three moissanites, set in subtle bezels. You can choose one earring, or one pair.

The moissanites measure 2 mm (0.035 carat) each. On request, this earring can also be set with diamonds –  please contact us to inform.

You can read more about this piece of jewelry here


Moissanite comes close to diamond in many different ways. The clarity is high, the shine is beautiful and also in terms of hardness they’re both very similar (9.5 on the scale of Mohs, whereas diamond 10). Artificial moissanite, which is incorporated in this earring, is classified as the best imitation of diamond.

Terms and Conditions
You can read more about the production time, shipment and other terms & conditions, here

Each piece of jewelry is handmade and can therefore slightly differ from the product photos. 

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