bobini roots


bobini roots


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I would love to meet you in the studio to find that perfect piece of jewelry! You can easily book your appointment in our online agenda below.


Which appointment to book?

Wedding Ring Consultation
Opt for this max. 60 minute slot to view our wedding ring collection with your partner. For wedding rings, we recommend to visit at least two to three months prior to your wedding date. However, feel free to sent us an email (this may be in Dutch or English) if the time frame for your wedding is shorter than three months, preferably with some options that you’d like for your wedding rings. This way we can inform you if it is still be possible to schedule an appointment and confirm that we have enough time to craft your wedding rings.

Gold Jewelry Consultation
Choose this 40 minute slot if you would like to come and try on our jewelry pieces of the gold collection or discuss a custom piece that is a variations to this collection.

Short Consult
This 20 minute option is only to be booked as a short second appointment (to select a diamond for example or measure a ring size) or if you already have a particular piece of jewelry in mind that you want see and to try on. If you want to make sure we have that particular piece in stock, please e-mail us before scheduling a Short Consult.

If you want to come to collect your finished piece of jewelry, you can schedule a  (15 minute slot) from Tuesday to Friday at the end of the day.

I hope to meet you (again) soon!

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