bobini roots


bobini roots


Diamond Universe Pendant – 14k Gold


€10 of each sale of  the root to rise collection is saved for a good cause, protecting animals & nature around the world. You can find more information here.

The 14k gold Organic Pendant with star engraving and diamonds! This version is about 13 x 11 mm. The charm is approximately 1.5 mm thick and is shaped organically – so each one is unique. 

You can best combine this charm with one of our necklaces that is at least 1.5 mm or thicker.

This charm is set with a 1.8 mm and 2 mm brilliant cut, clear SIH quality diamond (approx. 0.06 carat in total).
You can also opt for “Rustic” diamonds: in brown or grey (salt and pepper). These are real diamonds as well, and as strong, but they have many inclusions – hence the unique colours.

You can read more about this piece of jewelry here

Terms and Conditions
You can read more about the production time, shipment and other terms & conditions, here

Each piece of jewelry is handmade and can therefore slightly differ from the product photos. 

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SIH (clear), Rustic – grey, Rustic – brown